Full Service Statement Analysis for Merchant Sales Teams

Upload statements to a branded portal; receive an accurate PDF / Web proposal on EVERY statement.  Outsource statement analysis with confidence.

Human Assisted AI

Have you experienced an inaccurate statement analysis from AI technology?  That won’t happen with our company!  Our competitors fail to complete nearly half the statements they receive.  Statements which are completed are often inaccurate.

Because our analysts work with our AI to fill in the gaps, you always get an accurate analysis.  Every. Single. Time.

Free Ebook: “Interchange Optimization Made Easy”

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Outsource Statement Analysis with Confidence

Looking to close more merchant accounts?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are 3 key features we offer to individuals and teams.

Statement Analysis

Your agents login to a branded portal from any device and upload a statement (PDF or Scan.)

We break down the statement for you, with human assisted AI.

We account for every fee on the statement and show you the mapping.

No mysterious AI assigning fees. you see how we categorized each fee.

Branded Proposals

No More Spreadsheets! 

Our support team helps you create your own, custom pricing templates with margin control. 

After your team edits pricing within the margin constraints, simply email or text a branded proposal to the merchant. 

Include images, POS & Gateway features, and more.

Optimized Interchange

We load the individual line items from any interchange table into our tool and recognize interchange padding.

Through a strategic partnership with PayTrace, we optimize for level 2, 3 and downgrades.

Allow your team to apply these additional savings if enabled. 

Sell larger accounts and maintain margin.

100% Analysis Completion

If you send us a complete processing statement that is legible as either a native PDF or scan, we will analyze it.  Every platform, every pricing structure, no exceptions.  The better the quality of the PDF or scan, the faster our turn around time.  We can fully automate most statement analyses that come in as a clean scan or PDF.  Our team of analysts uses our proprietary technology to complete the analysis on difficult-to-read statements or those our AI has never seen before.

 Empower Your Team

The merchant sales process may start with an agent in the field that needs estimated savings or marketing info.  Then, the agent might upload a statement for full analysis.  At this point, a sales manager might need to jump in to approve special pricing.  Finally, the agent edits the presentation docs and closes the deal. 

Our system is designed to handle these various team members with full user management, pricing and permission controls.  Make pricing decisions once and use our pricing rules to allow agents and managers to dynamically adjust pricing.

Promote Your Brand.

Our system is fully branded for your ISO.  From the logo and color scheme, to the custom domain, to the customized PDF and Web Proposal documents, we use your branding throughout.  No awkward sub-domains, no mention of ISO Amp. Our solution becomes your solution.

"Statement analysis is crucial, but it is just one step in the merchant sales process. Providing a custom, professional presentation to each merchant is essential."

– James Shepherd

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