Product Features

Upload statements to a branded portal; receive an accurate PDF, Excel, and Web proposal on EVERY statement. Outsource statement analysis with confidence.


Upload a statement scan or pdf file and get a complete, line by line analysis back.  Our human assisted AI ensures that each proposal is accurate and matches up with your proposed fees for a side by side comparison.  The average turnaround time is currently at 11 minutes.  Our goal is to get the statements completed ASAP, but never at the expense of accuracy issues. 


We assist you in setting up margin controls that allow agents to change pricing, but only within pre-determined constraints to control your margins.  We can even set your proposed pricing to automatically adjust based off your desired savings or margin percentage.  We will represent your unique pricing exactly the way you want.


We built the technology, PayTrace provided the optimization mapping and you get to include it on your proposal. Our AI will pull the interchange table from the statement into our tool. Our matching algorithm will auto-match each item to the real interchange category. We identify interchange padding and possible level II & III optimization. These savings can be automatically applied to your proposal, or you can choose to apply it on a case by case basis. 


Leverage our quick estimate technology to embed an instant savings calculator on your website or enable a marketing funnel to offer an instant proposal. Our system seamlessly gathers contact information from the merchant and provides a beautiful proposal template that is customized to your needs. We also offer a marketing API in order to integrate this feature into your existing marketing process.


No statement… No problem!  Our quick estimate feature allows you to give the merchant an estimated proposal before you get the statement.  This is a great feature that agents can use in their sales pitch to really grab the merchant’s attention. 


Once the analysis is complete, you can present the merchant with a custom PDF template that is branded for your company.   We have everything from detailed templates that can show Interchange Optimization and Padding, to Basic templates that display your proposed pricing with simplicity. 

Basic CRM

In order to organize prospects and proposals, we provide a basic CRM functionality including business info, stage, tasks, notes and file management.  We also provide a Zapier Integration and API that allows you to integrate our system with whatever full feature CRM your team may use .”

Much, much more...

We could add many more pages of features, but we believe a live demo is the best way to learn about ISO Amp and to see how the various features work together. In addition to the features above, we will show you our full suite of admin tools, user management, pricing templates, schedule A management and much more. Click below to schedule a free demo.

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